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Morgan Whitney

Country. Southern Rock. blues.


who is morgan whitney?




Soul. Country. Blues. In the heart of a girl who grew up dreaming of being a rock star. Morgan Whitney knew that she was meant for the stage at 6 years old, so she started on her path to being a performer. Her journey began, of course with... Journey, Queen, Led Zeppelin, etc., and the art of air guitar in a pre-teen's room. She began studying piano at first, then guitar, and finally her true love: vocals. Following in the footsteps of her big sis, she started songwriting at a young age. Her raw talent has taken her to many stages including Miss Utah and helped win her titles such as "Salt City Superstar" & "Miss Riverton". She infects those who's path she crosses with her rich, powerful, and gritty vocals that leave you wanting more. 

"Music is this world's best language, because everyone understands it."

Morgan is based in Nashville, TN where she writes and performs music. She continues to pursue her life long platform of Mental Health Awareness, Depression awareness, and Suicide Prevention

"Poetry, music, art... it was and continues to be my antidote for the darkness in life. My only hope is to forever share the light that music has to give."



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